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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 1, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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that breaking news is going on right now in the east bay. that's where a body on the tracks is causing major delays for b.a.r.t. this is the el cerrito plaza station which is closed. there are major delays on the richmond line and the fremont, richmond, and millbrae direction. no word yet on how the body ended up on the tracks. we'll keep an eye on the story throughout the newscast. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez. hitting the round running, a developing story. we now know more about the woman who jumped the fence at mineta san jose international airport, raising questions about how
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secure the airport is once again. 20-year-old deanna of sunnyvale, here he is when she was arrested on the tarmac around 6:00 last night she did not go without a fight. she had to be subdued. a u.p.s. worker spotted the woman and stopped her while coworkers called police. a worker then again called police. >> and then they brought in some airport operations people to contain her and she was arrested. >> police say the woman was combative and police had to subdue her before making the arrest. security breach is still under investigation this morning. this is by the way, the fifth time someone violated security at the airport in the last year alone. new details now on the motive behind a grisly murder-suicide in palo alto. police say it appears the gunman shot his victim after allegations he was going into his apartment and stealing
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things. >> stephonfphanie chuang is live outside the senior housing complex with the latest. police have been called there by the suspect before right? >> that's right. good morning to you both. back in february a responding officer came here to the complex because the gunman, eventual gunman told him he believed the victim was stealing things from his apartment, going in and stealing items, but the officer determined there wasn't enough evidence to move forward, to make a report on this. something, though happened on march 19th more than a month later, when the 69-year-old mark miller shot vincent collins, a manager here shot him four times with a handgun in collins' first floor office. he walked across the lonny into the elevator and shot himself in the head with a pistol legally registered and owned. investigators said after talking with neighbors, friends and family members, they could find
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no other red flags to indicate such violence was on the verge of erupting. >> they were viewed at normal residents that went about daily bsz. >> pretty odd. >> it's odd because this complex has been fairly quiet since it was built in 2010. we had no reports of theft at all. and you have two individuals basically living alone. which ends up turning into a trag tragic horrific murder-suicide. there's probably more to the story we'll never know. >> after securing search warrants, detectives have looked into both men's apartments and didn't find any of the alleged gunman's stolen property. there has not been a single burglary or theft reported here. this is a low-income senior housing complex and this was the first homicide in palo alto since october 2009. palo alto police say they usually don't release these
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details because of the criminal cases that follow. in this case there will not be one, and police wanted to reassure everyone this was definitely an isolated and contained incident. live in palo alto nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much steph. >> a man will answer to murder charges today in the death of an oakland mother killed as she was shielding her children from gun fire with her body. she was caught in the middle of cross fire of a gun fight near her west oakland home last month. she just parked her car and was trying to rush her children to safety when she was killed. 21-year-old michael stills is expected to enter a plea in court today. three other suspects will enter pleas later in the month. >> in indiana now, and in arkansas as well lawma clarify language in their religious freedom bill that sparked immediate and vocal criticism. opponent say they legalize discrimination against same-sex couples. >> looking to stay out of the
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national firestorm that erupted, criticism that included a call to veto the measure from the ceo of the nation's largest retailer arkansas based walmart. asa hutchinson sent the measure back to the state legislature after initially saying he would sign the bill. >> my position is clear. i have asked them to remedy it. i have asked them to change the current law, and i have asked them to recall it and change the language on it. >> the move comes as lawmakers in indiana rush to modify their state's new religious freedom law. >> it's been a tough week in the hoosier state. >> the backlash has been intense. protests, including a push from ceos at major corporations across the country, warning the measure could affect future business, and a boycott by several states now blocking official travel to indiana, including connecticut, which means the head coach of uconn's men's basketball team last year's champions, will not travel to indianapolis for this
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year's final four. >> this is a completely self-inflicted wound. >> many now demanding a repeal or at the very least, revisions to the measure that specifically affects gay and lesbian couples with discrimination. >> jeb bush could see some protesters as he visits the bay area today. the former florida governor is expected to attend a lunch at the four seasons in palo alto. bush recently defended indiana's religious freedom act, which is in stark contrast to much of the bay area's stance on the same issue. tomorrow, he will be in san francisco for a luncheon at the mandarin oriental hotel. the chronicle reports jeb bush also has a series of private meet and greets set up to raise money for his super pack. >> the city of oakland is growing the list of cities boycotting indiana. oakland mayor libby schaaf said she's taking a stand against the
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discriminatory law. city funds will not be used to send employees to that state. >> new details in the plane crash in the french alps. lufthansa ceo visited the crash sight for the first time. he would not talk about what the airline knew about the mental health of the copilot. claudia has more from the crash site. >> on wednesday morning, both the ceos of germanwings and luft hanlsa visited the crash site for the first time. >> it's been now one week after this terrible accident. and our grief is still with us. every day. everywhere. >> they have met with volunteers investigators, and the loclal personally for the help they have provided. they stopped by the memorial set up in memory of the victims. then they went on to hold a press conference.
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>> i would like to also give my word to the victims that we don't only have this week. we want to help as long as help is needed. >> they also said that while every day the causes of the air crash are becoming more known, it will take a long time to find out exactly and fully what really happened. but even more significant, they refused to answer any questions on the statement they released yesterday. an exchange between lubitz and the flight training school run by lufthansa in which he said he went through a period of severe depression in 2009 which led him to take off several months from his training. this poses more questions than answers. for instance every other company, every other airline to receive the medical, mental information and history of the trainees before they are granted a pilot's license.
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nbc news in the french alps. >> this morning the l.a. county coroner says he believes the death of oil heir andrew getty was an accident. the 47-year-old member of san francisco's prominent getty family was found dead in his hollywood hills home yesterday he was fount shirtless and in the bathroom. >> he was not feeling good for the last couple months and he supposedly had an appointment scheduled with a personal physician. >> police say a woman called 911 to report the death and that she is cooperating with the investigation. andrew was the grandson of oil tycoon john paul getty, who was once listed at the richest man in america. andrew was also one of four sons of gordon getty. his family is asking the media and the public to respect the family's privacy. two palo alto high schools are getting licensed therapists in order to help students deal with the rise in mental health issues there. the school board voted
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unanimously to allocate district funds to hire full-time therapists at palo alto and gunn high schools. the board waived their two meeting rule and took action last night. so far this school year 16 palo alto high school students have been hospitalized for mental health reasons. 42 gunn students have been hospitalized for -- or treated for suicide ideations. >> pressure there. a u.s. magistrate today is expected to sign off on a million dollar settlement involving hundreds of oakland occupy protesters who claimed police mistreatment. that case goes back to january of 2012. that's when protesters say they were corralled by police outside a ymca unfairly arrested and held in custody for hours. the city of oakland and alameda county already agreed to a $1.36 million class action settlement for 360 people. today, the u.s. magistrate is holding a final approval hearing. up next at 11:00 a
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donation, but it's never made it to the charity. the tip that now has a man convinced he actually donated to a thief. plus pet protection delta's high-tech plan to keep animals safe during travel. and the wind has dropped off, but not for long. it's cool out there, and that wind is going to pick up again as we get into this evening. then we have a very cold night headed your way. and we're still counting on those showers for easter sunday. all the latest in your microclimate in just moments.
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amazing deals on big-name brands in every aisle. ♪ but wait - there's more! ♪ like right now it's our amazing wine sale, save up to 86% versus elsewhere! ♪ grocery outlet. bargain market. ♪ a crime in the south bay is shattering hopes this morning. donations meant for a nonprofit organization were stolen from a san jose neighborhood and a surveillance camera caught the entire thing. >> nbc bay area's michelle roberts shows us the faumllout. >> i left the bags here.
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>> aaron kar wanted to donate clothes, shoes and blankets to hope services. >> put them out in the morning. >> he scheduled a pickup for last monday morning so when the bag was gone he figured the donation was picked up. it wasn't until he received an alert from his neighborhood in the line community next door he realized his donation may have been stolen. >> black dodge care van taking people's donations and speeding off. >> it shows a black suv stopped in the middle of the street outside his house around 9:00 a.m. a man wearing gloves and a red shirt jumped out of the back seat grabbed the bag and peeled off. >> a reverse robin hood situation. stealen from the poor to make themselves rich. it's sad. >> hope services called the theft disheartening saying the organization depends on generosity from the community. aaron says he will continue to support the cause but next time he'll drop off the donations in person. >> i was really really
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disappointed. unfortunately, that's the society we live in. >> michelle roberts, nbc bay area. >> doesn't exactly restore your faith in humanity. 11:15, and thieves hit two fremont businesses over the weekend to the tune of over $200,000. fremont police say the burglars broke into a building in the city. stolen items included computer equipment valued in the six figures and expensive wine as well. police don't know when the thefts occurred other than sometime between friday night and monday morning. two san jose residents are accused of stealing the identities of more than a dozen people across the south bay. police were called to a days inn in milpitas on reports of a loud argument. inside officers found credit card information, i.d. cards, checks and a pink slip none belonging to the people who were staying in the room. police have identified more than 20 potential victims. >> a south bay city is thinking about how to regulate short-term
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rentals. tonight, saratoga city council will talk about taking measures against sites like air bnb. san francisco has regulations on short term rentals in place. earlier this month, palo alto discussed the idea and dismissed it because there were only a few complaints a year and not enough to warrant monitoring. >> starting today, sales tax rates are going to rise to double digits in some cities across the bay area. shoppers in hayward san leandro, el cerrito and albany will pay 10% sales tax. the bill currently in the state legislature passes more cities could follow. that would raise the limit on local sales taxes to 3% above the state-wide rate which is now 7.5%. several other cities will see hikes including pinole richmond and sauce lito. >> a dedication sarceremony for the south bay's newest emergency department. they added a new department as
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part of the massive expansion. it is impressive too. it now has 43 treatment rooms and offers additional beds for patients. today's dedication is planned for in the next 15 minutes or so. okay a new tenant takes over at moffittt field today. and the ring probably rings a bell. google as part of the deal restoring the 1,000 acre site and repurposing the landmark hangar one. they will use all of moffett's hangars to develop the robotic technology. they also will manage the two airways and renovate the golf course as well. >> an old bay area naval station is turning into a test ground for a possible car of tomorrow. >> honda is testing new cars with automated driver. the 5,000-acre former navy base has 20 miles of paved city-like roads and buildings, which makes it an ideal place for testing. honda first shows off its automated cars last year demonstrating how it can merge
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on and off highways on its own. >> good place to teach a teen to drive. keeping fido safe during air travel delta airlines going high-tech. for an extra $50, pet owners can equip their pet's crate with a monitor. owners can track their pets in real time and get data on the surrounding temperature and the animal's position. however, because of faa restrictions on cell phone communications during flights, the device will only send data before and after a flight. also it's only for pets who travel via delta cargo and not on their passenger flights. and now to a breaking news and historic move by governor jerry brown. he announced in his executive order mandating substantial water reductions across the state, greater than the last time. similar water measures were considered during california's drought in the '70s, but they were never implemented and in fact, the governor went out on the snow survey this morning. you can see there, there's no
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snow to survey. it was the lowest ever recorded. this video, again, of the survey happening right now, and the governor making the proclamation saying 97% of the state is in historic drought and thus we must do more. 25% conservation versus the 20% he called for last time around. we will continue to monitor today's developments bring you the latest on at 5:00, but certainly, very dramatic. if not the 25%, walk along the grassy hillside. >> the bar has been raised and everybody can play a role in this. just takes a little bit every day, and help from mother nature would be nice. let's check in with christina loren. >> yeah, i'm not mother nature, but i can tell you there's a storm brewing as we get into this weekend and it looks like we're going to get shower activity as we head throughout monday into tuesday of next week as well. i want to start with the live picture, beautiful sky over sunol, and our hills are still rather green.
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i believe after we get through this weekend, into early next week we're still going to be at about 100% of average when it comes to rainfall but the deal is we're still coming out of three-plus drought years and we have a very warm system. that's why we haven't had the snow pack but we have pretty good looking reservoirs around here as well. temps right now are chilly if you're headed out and about. upper 50s to low 60s for now. grab that coat. you'll need it just about all day long on the peninsula. only reached to about 64 degrees there. 69 for the north bay. meanwhile, 67 degrees in the beautiful silicon valley where the wind has dropped off but just for the time being. i take you into 9:00 p.m. tonight. you can see that fierce wind is back at the coast. also expecting some gusty conditions throughout the tri-valley as well. wind will start to drop as as we head throughout the early morning hours. as the wind relaxes, we have a very cold night ahead. the reason for the wind is a dry
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trough of low pressure that's going to come through a weak cold front leaving chilly conditions and maybe some frost. north bay, 35 degrees tonight. 44 degrees for the east shore. we'll be in the upper 40s here in the south bay. even in san francisco, getting into the 40s. better chance for frost as we wake up on friday morning. but here's the deal. we're going to see a very nice rebound for thursday into friday. temperatures jumping back into the 70s. then as we get into your all important easter weekend, that chance for rain looking much better every time i check the models, we do have a really good chance for rainfall especially in the north bay where we could accumulate a good inch of rain. and boy, we need it. so let me talk about easter weekend. temperatures first. upper 60s for saturday. if you want to get outdoors, that's a great day to do so. by sunday, the showers move in quickly. and as a result your temperatures are going to drop to the mid 60s inland at the coast, low 60s and upper 50s. it's going to be a cool cloudy
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and showery easter sunday for you. let me show you the futurecast. we take you into sunday at 1:00 p.m., when the activities start. you should be okay to have an early morning easter egg hunt outside if that's something you like to do. the rest of the activity will hold off to the evening hours. i take you into monday and tuesday with that rain continuing. so things are looking good for the first couple weeks of april. we'll tell you how much we're expecting in the microclimate coming up in the next report, plus, we promised you events. we love going over the bay area events. that's all coming up in just a few moments. back to you. >> glad to hear we can have the easter egg hunt. it's april fool's day, and some bay area tech companies are taking advantage. we'll show you what they're doing coming up next.
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well the dubs continuing their push for the best record in the nba, even without draymond green. they beat out division rival the clippers. winning 110-106, as steph curry showing chris paul a thing or two on the cross over. that's the 61st win of the season for the warriors. they play the phoenix suns tomorrow night. >> get out your brackets. we now know who will win the
11:26 am
ncaa tournament. and it will not be me. >> the tonight show used a very scientific methodology, the puppy method. seven puppies. but just four bowls to represent each of the four teams. it took time to get things worked out, but in the end, three puppies picked michigan state. that was enough. a winner according to the puppies, will be the michigan state spartans. i don't know about that. not exactly the favorite to win the tournament, but maybe the puppies are onto something. >> i chose michigan. maybe i'll be the upset. >> it's april 1st and it means it's april fool's day, a day companies love. >> virgin america being one. they had fun announcing they're moving to branson, missouri. why branson? the company's founder's name is branson. >> netflix using today to get the word on on an portment issue, binge watching. if you stream more than two
11:27 am
consecutive issues of a show actors will pop up to warn you against the perils of binge watching. >> and samsung introducing their smartphone protector which protect your phone in a long fall. it attaches to you when you go jogging jogging. >> perhaps the most interactive of them all is google's april fools joke which will let you play pacman in your neck of the woods. >> that's no joke that's just re-createing the '80s again. >> in your neighborhood. >> coming up next at 11:00, it is a new form of i.d. theft that can cost you much more than your money. >> unpaid medical treatments hospital visits emergency care that i knew were not mine. >> medical identity theft affecting more than 2 million people last year. next we're going to show you how to protect your health
11:28 am
records. we'll be right back.
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the next hot spot for hackers, stealing your medical identity. >> your health information is worth up to 20 times more than your credit card information. investigative reporter vicky nguyen reports out the fast growing crime can have leaf or death consequences. >> imagine someone stealing vital details about you. your name your birthdayday, your social security number and then using that information to get medical treatment. it's a deep invasion of privacy and it's very difficult to get your medical identity back. it happens 2.3 million people last year in the united states. including the man you're about to meet. ronny was on vacation in las vegas when he decided to splurge and apply for a credit card. he was rejected. >> i was really surprised by that because i only actually have one other credit card, and
11:31 am
all my payments are on time. >> when the automatic credit report showed up in the mail -- >> pages and pages upon pages and more pages of unpaid medical treatments. hospital visits emergency care. >> a laundry list of treatments and hospitals nationwide. from florida and tennessee to colorado and washington. >> states i have never visited ever. and at that point i knew something was very very wrong. >> he showed us some of the bills including this recent $728 charge for an e.r. visit at st. joseph's in washington. >> they're unpaid bills that are in the thousands of dollars. >> medical identity theft is when somebody uses someone else's identity to obtain medical goods or services. >> anne patterson leads the medical i.d. fraud alliance. the group found 2.3 million americans were victims of medical identity theft in 2014.
11:32 am
the study found most of the time, victim husband to pay an average of $13,500 to resolve the crime. >> it's expensive when someone steals your medical identity but it can also be dangerous. for example, my blood type is a positive, and i don't have any allergies to medication, but wait, i'm the real vicky nguyen i have a different blood type and i'm allergic to penicillin which can be deadly. >> it can be misdiagnosed mistreated. >> and it's harder to get your medical identity back. you can't get a new credit card or bank number. >> your medical identity includes your date of birth, social security number. those are thing you can't shut down and issue a new one. >> just ask ronny. it's been five years since he first discovered the trail of medical bills and he's still battling the hospitals. what's more ronny thinks this is the man who stole his medical identity. gary vogel, ronny's long lost
11:33 am
brother. we learned gary worked for a carnival company. which may explain the nomadic medical treatment. we tracked him to the state of washington and confirmed eight arrests or citations since november. every one of them in the name of ronny vogel. mostly for nuisance issues and drunken conduct. >> this essentially means there's a criminal record accumulated in your name. >> exactly. it's terrifying. >> we obtained video from the patrol car after the cops busted him for urinating in public and disturbing the police. we showed it to the real ronny. when you heard the officer call him by your name -- >> my name, and i'm seeing some disgusting person handcuffed. >> yes, gary gave cops ronny's personal information. >> ronny. >> and it's not uncommon. the medical i.d. theft study found one in four victims have
11:34 am
their medical identity stolen by a friend or family member. >> you have to protect your medical information from friends and family. just like you would with your credit information. >> tom is a santa clara deputy district attorney in the high-tech crimes unit. he says any time you get an explanation of benefits read it to make sure you received the treatment described in it and if something is wrong, request your records right away. >> you have a right to review your medical records. >> at any time? >> at any time. >> like ronny vogel, report the crime to police. >> a lot of times people feel like they report identity theft and medical theft and it goes to a black list. >> we have to start somewhere. we have to start with the report. >> he can't comment on the case but we confirmed an investigation is under way, thanks in part to the information we uncovered. >> i deserve to face this person in court. and i deserve the peace in knowing that he will no longer be able to do this to me or anyone else again. >> the real ronny vogel hoping that finally the roller coaster
11:35 am
of reestablishing his medical identity is coming to an end. >> one idea proposed to reduce medical i.d. theft is not using social securities numbers as our identification numbers. still waiting on lawmakers to propose that change. in the meantime if your identity is stolen you can get an identity theft file that puts an alert on your name. when police run your name they have to ask for a password. if the person pretending to be you doesn't have the password police know they're dealing with an impostor. you can link to the files at guys? >> all right if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call or send us an e-mail to >> the groundwork is reportedly all set. now oakland leaders need is a game plan from the raiders. they report oakland city council
11:36 am
members approved key measures for the coliseum city proposal. it paves the way for the raiders or any other team to work toward a new coliseum complex. the council certified an environmental report and proper zoning, but the raiders have not yet given their proposal. >> a's kick off monday night at the coliseum but the controversy about gay rights has already kicked off. some fans not happy with the a's as the team is hosting its first ever lgtb pride night, and there's been a bit of a homophobic reaction. >> there's also been a show of unity. sparked by a player's girlfriend. we have the full story. >> the oakland a's announced the team's first pride night in june, and reaction is mixed. sean doolittle's girlfriend is thrilled. she has two moms and a dad. >> my mom came out when i was a teenager and high parents divorced and my mom came out to me first, actually and she told me she was in a relationship,
11:37 am
and they have been together ever since. >> some fans made homophobic comments on social media. for dolan, the hate is personal. >> when i saw the negative comments, i thought of how nervous she was to tell me and i hope the people are not as nervous. >> she and other fans counter the negative comments showing their support for the lgtb community online. dolan is taking it a step further. she's raising money and donating money to buy tickets for the pride night games. she'll even buy them from fans who say they don't want to go. the tickets will go to lgtbq youth living in a shelter. >> i hope to see every seat filled. >> at the lgbt center in san francisco where they were celebrating transgender day of visibility, the executive director says homophobia in the bay area is disheartening and not surprising. >> we sometimes believe here in san francisco that we don't have a problem with homophobia and
11:38 am
trance phobia but we do. we have the same problems here we have anywhere else in the country. >> for many, it's a call to action. >> it will be a wonderful celebration. >> in a room full of san francisco giants fans some are talking about showing their transpride at an oakland a's game. >> if we can bring the differences together we'll be that much better. i say let's play ball. all right, coming up next at 11:00, as we face this drought, a neat idea from two local bars. the incentive they're giving customers for not having ice in their cocktails. >> plus -- >> i have a lot of fun building these devices and that's kind of why i do them. >> how this teenager experiments with fun, and she's making a big difference in the lives of people suffering from diabetes and copd. her big ideas that will make you bay area proud. >> it's kind of chilly out there on this wednesday.
11:39 am
good morning to you. temperatures are going to jump by a good 5 to 8 degrees as we head throughout thursday even on friday. then we have showers on the way for easter sunday. we'll give you the timing. i think i'll still be able to get you outdoors. also, a chance for somebody we haven't had in a while, thunderstorms. we'll tell you where and when when nbc bay area news at 11:00 comes right back.
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a bay area teenager is no stranger to success. she's already on to her next big thing by helping people with copd a breathing disease. >> the tools to detect copd are often too expensive to help the millions of sufferers in poor parts of the world. that's where she comes in. garvin thomas joins us. >> she is just 16 years old. it wasn't until a couple years ago that she had heard of a device to measure how well someone breathes. she thought she could improve it and make it cheaper. given maya's track record, who would disagree? >> again, you're going to be doing this 30 times. >> in seventh period a.p. statistics class at san jose's presentation high school
11:43 am
probability is the lesson of the day. maya like her classmates pays close attention, though truth be told, she already knows a little something about the science of chance. >> as in chances are, when maya enters a science competition, she wins. though she swears that's not the point. >> i don't really do these science fairs to win. i have a lot of fun building these devices. that's kind of why i do them. >> well maya clearly has been have aglot of fun then. since the sixth grade, maya has been entering science fairs. she has won at least one award every year at the silicon valley science fair. 19 in all, including this year's grand prize. maya's winning entry, a low-cost wireless based device for detecting chronic obstructive
11:44 am
pulmonary disease or copd a promising tool to help in the fight against a disease effecting more than 60 million people around the world. >> especially for copd and pulmonary illnesses 90% of deaths occur in developing nations. this is a startling statistic since they don't have access to the equipment they need to diagnose the disease. >> her copd detector though shares more than just winning with maya's previous entries. all of them a unique mix of biology, technology and compassion. from a sensor that helps people with diabetes to a device that combats distracted driving, to her own dna sequencing supercomputer, all of her creations are meant to make someone's life better. >> this is my sixth year of participating in the science fair, and every year i tried to create something to help people. >> which in the end makes maya very easy to root for. because with a goal like that
11:45 am
every time she wins, we all do. maya is now seeing success even outside the world of science fairs. her seventh grade project just last month was awarded its very own patent. gavin thomas nbc bay area news. >> a remarkable young woman. if you know someone who is doing something nice for others even if it's not changing the entire world, garvin would love to hear from you. go to and search bay area proud. all right. >> every little thing counts. >> no question about it. >> the drought is not only impacting fire season. it's also impacting local bars. >> here's another remarkable idea. call it a drought discount of sorts. the goal to conserve water as you order your next cocktail likely straight up. here's ian cole with more. >> at wish bar in san francisco, you can order a drink any way you would like but starting today, if you order that drink with no ice, you'll get a dollar
11:46 am
off. >> it's our only thing we could cut back on. >> the owner, andrea likes to conserve. she proudly composts and recycles and now she hopes customers share her enthusiasm in conserving water. >> all those measures the restaurants are taking we just were thinking how do we help and how do we contribute, even though we don't have to? >> a conservation specialist of shorts suzdoesn't matter if it'sbeer. >> you come here to get a beer and the fact someone is offering you a dollar off to help with water conservation is a great thing. >> she says many cocktails call for a full cup of ice and that can add up. the offer will go through next week and is also available at her other bar. she knows it's a drop in the bucket to a massive problem but hopes the conversations that comearve flood the city. >> if you can get a lot of people to do just a little bit, then maybe it will do something. >> in san francisco, ian cole
11:47 am
nbc bay area news. take your cocktail neat. >> or a beer for that matter. no ice. >> you don't need ice for a shot of tequila. one of my favorites. >> christinea has options to conserve as well. >> just salt and a lime. >> that's right. >> mild for today. temperatures are going to be comfortable out there, but kind of on the cool side. especially when you consider we were in the 70s, 80s, and 90s for the past few weeks. at lunchtime today, low 60s coming your way. and we're only going to finish off the day in the mid to upper 60s. so cool conditions out there will prevail yet again. and then tonight, we've got another round of wind on the way. as a weak disturbance another cold front comes through. this is also going to provide a cold rush of air and temperatures will be very chilly. might see some frost tomorrow morning in the north bay, especially in the inland wind sheltered valleys.
11:48 am
petaluma santa rosa keep that in mind then a nice rebound coming your way. temps will jump 5 to 8 degrees for thursday and friday rounding out those days in the mid 70s. just as quickly as our numbers fell they're going to climb right back up for the last two days of the work week. happy passover to those of you who celebrate. on friday the sun will set at 7:33. temperatures will be in the low 60s. not too bad. if you're getting together with family and friends and downtown campbell a big parade is saturday. 65 degrees at noon for the bunnies and bonnets parade. then this is backed by popular demand from one sam brock. the wiener dog easter egg hunt happening in danville on saturday at 10:00 a.m. if you want more information on this check out my twitter page. i post all the events there in case i blow them them a little too quickly on the giant weather wall. oak hill park danville should be a lot of fun to watch at least. we have two different sides to your easter weekend. here's the deal. saturday waking up nice and clear.
11:49 am
clouds increasing as we head throughout the day. and temperatures will be cool yet again. upper 60s inland. mid 60s at the coast, and much cooler for your easter sunday. kind of a cool one this year. that bonnet not just going to look cute on the kids. also going to keep them nice and warm. inland, mid 60s. low 60s at the coast, and as we head throughout your easter sunday night looks like we could see enough instability for a few thunderstorms. right now, the best chance looks like the north bay mountains. we'll keep close tabs on this for you and by tomorrow, i'll have a better handle as to whether or not we could see that in the south bay. here's the general trend. 70s for thursday and friday. saturday and sunday we start to get the change. let me show you the futurecast latest model run shows you a noon arrival of the showers at the coast that will progress to about 5:00 p.m. on sunday, and then monday we get another round of much needed rainfall. let's continue this take you
11:50 am
into tuesday, and yes, looking at at least three consecutive days with good rain chances in our future. i got to tell you, i'm looking out as far as i can, and as we head throughout the end of next week as well we might have another storm brewing and headed our way. so things are looking up. at least for the first couple weeks of april. that's all we can do is let you know what we see. not going to be a drought buster, but a little something for everybody. easter surprise this year. back to you. >> no kidding. >> we'll take it. i'm looking forward to the wiener dog easter egg hunt as well. we'll be back with more news.
11:51 am
11:52 am
the number of incarcerated women with children is on the rise in the u.s. and some experts say the effects on kids can be lifelong and devastating. >> christina mendez spoke with young adult about their experiences with having a parent
11:53 am
behind bars. >> 2.7 million american children have parents who have been incarcerated. and although every child has a different story to tell they all share a common experience of an absent parent. >> my mother was incarcerated when i was a junior in undergrad. >> at the age of 2 years old, that's when my father was incarcerated. i had grew up without my father. i didn't know who he was. >> my experience extends to the point of i didn't know my father either. from birth on. >> growing up with an incarcerated parent can have its challenged from the difficult of visiting a parent in jail to explaining a home life situation to others. he said it's ultimately the choice of the child to be open about the situation or be closed off. >> i'm not defined by that. it's allowed me to become who i am. i think there are other people who may not be comfortable being transparent or have to hide that happened or that was a part of their lives simply because some
11:54 am
people are not open-minded enough to receive it. >> now, all three of these people had their parents behind bars at one point in their life they were able to take that situation and turn it into a positive. ovit takes the support of other family members make that happen. >> one of the things that really helped me outside of my mother having saying you should never -- was cherish the time you have. >> a lot of kids have a lot to overcome. >> that gives you a different life perspective. >> we'll be right back.
11:55 am
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11:57 am
you know we love a good dog survival story. a 2-year-old rottweiller in colorado is now the second dog ever to receive four prosthetic limbs. >> and he's thriving now. here he is on his way to playing fetch and chasing sea lions for the first time since he was a puppy. it's brutus. >> he was left outside in freezing temperatures as a young puppy and suffered frostbite on all of his paws. his breeder attempted to do an amputation at home. he was left unable to walk until now. his adoptive family paid $12,000 for the artificial limbs. it seems like it's worth every penny. >> got tail wagging going on. that's working well and we're happy for brutus. we'll see you again for our next newscast at 5:00. >> bye.
11:58 am
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. today on ""access hollywood live"" sugar ray leonard is here and how is he getting back into boxing. >> the greatest jump roper the world has ever seen. you love to jump rope. >> this is a disaster. >> plus first you knew it was rapper lil bow wow. now he is all grown up. >> he will tell us about joining the new "csi" show. >> they're trying to breck a guinness world record. "access hollywood live" starts right now. >> stand by camera two. we're live in five four three, two, one. >> hey, [ bleep ], whatever. >> you better watch what you talk about me or everybody will know. >> never go near


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